Become an affiliate

Are you an influencer? Earn some extra cash by spreading the word.

All you need is a website, social media account, youtube channel, or a blog and a strong desire to make extra money.

1. Join our Affiliate Program

You can join here via Paddle. We personally review every application and once yours is approved, we’ll send you an email that includes banners and your affiliate links.

It costs absolutely nothing to become an affiliate partner.

2. Write an article, post a video, share a linkedin or twitter post

Create content and drive traffic. Write articles that describe CtrlWiz applications and the problems they solve for our customers. Make sure your articles rank well in Google.

Use the links and banners we sent you on your website or social media account. Write an article or place banners and links within existing articles.

Read more in our F.A.Q on how to correctly set it up.

4. Earn money

The sky's the limit. Start earning money, 35% commission on sales you refer.

Commission levels increase as you reach new performance tiers and depend on the purchases made by your referrals.

See our terms of use here:

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